Simple Needs

The salary enticed him, but murder was never a part of the job!

Being a dwarf never made things easy, but last week was probably the worst of Modell Taubert’s life. He’d lost his job and his apartment in one fell swoop. With no friends or family to fall back on, now he was living out of his car, subsiding on cheap diner coffee and loaves of day-old French bread. If he ever wanted to get out of this rut, he needed a job, stat.


So when he saw the classified ad for a butler at an isolated manor in rural Maine, he figured his prayers had been answered. How hard could butlering be? Room and board were included along with an enormous salary. He'd be all set!


Yet he would soon come to realize there is always a price to pay when your eccentric employer has just a few simple needs…

Death of Decorum

Have you ever thought the entire world was against you?

Sophateal Delinus certainly has.

It all started when he awoke in his luxurious downtown Los Angeles apartment to find his ex-girlfriend robbing him.  As if that wasn't bad enough, when he confronted her, she maced his face!


Then there was the crooked metro cop, his brutish boss, the New York thugs, his overbearing mother, some skinheads, three beautiful women, and a death which could've easily been avoided.


However, those incidents were nothing compared to the worst part of his day.

Something so vile, it would rock him to his core...

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